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About me

In undergraduate and graduate school, my focus was French language and teaching. I taught French for 5 years as a graduate assistant at Michigan State University.

In 2005, I returned to the language classroom, this time teaching English to Silicon Valley transplants. But most of my students had very good English. What they needed were style pointers and communication coaching to adapt their already excellent English for corporate America.

I soon moved into administration at the language school where I was working. In addition to teaching, I helped select and modify programs to help people in technology and management to get past communication problems, get promotions and move into adjacent fields.

Below, you will find links to resources I have created and to arrange career and communication coaching for yourself.

Communication and Career main site: My main site for career and communication, including options to set up personal coaching. Here I write about communication issues that can affect your career and what to think about to avoid pitfalls.


Confessions of a Language Addict: Blog about language learning and site for my newest research effort, the Romagnolo language of Italy Resources for learning languages by families and comparing families

The Language Pages: Older collection of web pages about language learning, especially French


If you need assistance with writing projects: editing or writing guidance, please contact me through the career page.

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