Geoffrey Barto consulting services

Fee Schedules

I offer a half-hour free consultation for any first time coaching client or for any new editing project. You can reach me to set this up through the contact page at

I know that a lot of people have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and am trying to keep my coaching rates reasonable as people are processing a lot of financial/career changes as well as other life changes. Please contact me if your circumstances will not permit you to pay these rates at this time. (Life Coaching only)

All payments must be an advance. I accept payments through VenMo and PayPal. I will give you payment information during the first consultation.

One-on-one virtual consultation

Consultation package: 4 one-hour sessions per month: $200 ($50.00/hour)

One-time half-hour consultation: $50.00

One-time one-hour consultation: $80.00


Document editing: $25.00/hour

Online consultation about document editing: $50 per half-hour

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